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Great Whittier Dentist, Dr. John Sudick, Wants You To Spring Into Action!

When we think of Spring, we think of gardening, flowers and Spring cleaning. Are your new year resolutions to get healthy already getting put aside due to your busy schedule? Let's use Springtime to get it done. Let your next Spring cleaning item on your checklist be for you.  Dr. Sudick and his team are here to help you through the process of taking that first step to getting into see the dentist and begin getting healthy. All it takes is a phone call, 562-698-8739. We will do the rest.

Where can we learn about our health? We all know schools provide great teachers and facilities for learning about science, math, etc., but what about learning about caring for yourself and staying healthy. Did you know the dentist is a great resource for learning about health related problems including your oral health? Dr. Sudick takes pride in learning about each of his patients conditions and health.  He also helps in educating his patients about who to see for care and resources to get healthy. Are you falling into disrepair? Do you need some direction for your medical care?  Do you have decay, broken fillings, missing teeth, or other unresolved mouth problems? Your decision to get healthy begins right here and a cleaning and teeth whitening is a great way to start.  A healthy beautiful smile, teeth and gums leads to a healthy vibrant body.  When was the last time your children saw the dentist to be healthy? Getting the kids in to see the dentist in the new year is a great time to make good on your children's dental health and education. Dr. Sudick is excited to meet you and your family as he celebrates over 28 years as your premier Whittier dentist here in your community. As you prepare for your activities and busy schedule, begin to think about and act on your goals to feel better and be healthier. Also if you have insurance benefits, if you don't use them, you lose them. Don't waste what you have earned for 2014. Today, make the decision to care for yourself. Ask yourself, what can Dr. Sudick do to help me be healthier? This includes your oral health as well as your smile and how you feel about yourself. Many health problems become worse with bad dental care and poor health of your gums. A poor dingy unhealthy smile also can make one shy away from people and situations. A healthy pearly white luminous smile can make you feel confident when you share your laughter and smile. You have come to the right place to design, create, and have a healthy mouth, a beautiful smile, and improve your overall well being. As a hometown Whittier dentist, Dr. John Sudick has been providing excellence in dentistry for over twenty-eight years. He is on the cutting edge of modern technology employing the latest techniques and most advanced scientific breakthroughs in the creation of your new natural looking beautiful smile. His many grateful and happy patients are a testimonial to his skillful artistry that is evident in his attention to detail from the Bonded Repair of a tooth to Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implants, Removable partial or Full dentures. Every patient is a work of Art!

Dr. Sudick provides Childrens, Adult, and Geriatric dentistry in a warm and caring environment in Uptown Whittier. This includes Cosmetic smile design, Dentures, Emergency, and Implant dentistry as well as Root canal therapy and Fillings. Keeping your gums healthy with regular Periodontal care is a priority. Dr. Sudick and his team of professionals make it their mission to extend and improve peoples lives through excellent oral health, dental education, and friendly service. We are here to help you make the best choices for your dental care, and create a smile you can be proud of. Through responsible patient care, we can build a healthier community one person at a time. Come join our family and make your smile and well being a priority. Call now for an appointment or tour of our modern dental office and meet Dr. Sudick. In addition, visit my Facebook page by clicking on the icon to the right and "Like Us" while learning what we are doing in dentistry today. You can also meet the team and Dr. Sudick by viewing a First Visit Video Story below. We look forward to meeting you.



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