Dr. Choi and Dr. Sudick and their staff proudly offer the following dental procedures and services:

Where can we learn about our health?

We all know schools provide great teachers and facilities for learning about science, math, etc., but what about learning about caring for yourself and staying healthy? Did you know the dentist is a great resource for learning about health-related problems, including your oral health? Dr. Choi and Dr. Sudick both take pride in learning about each of his patients’ conditions and health, as well as educating patients about who to see for care and resources to get healthy. Are you falling into disrepair? Do you need some direction for your medical care? Do you have decay, broken fillings, missing teeth, or other unresolved mouth problems? Your decision to get healthy begins right here and a cleaning and teeth whitening is a great way to start. A healthy beautiful smile, teeth and gums leads to a healthy vibrant body.