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Dr. John Sudick Receives Patriots Award 2016 



Dr. Sudick is honored with the 2016 Patriots Award by Dr Ralph Pacheco and Deborah Pacheco (left) of the Whittier Leadership Council for his community work that includes his work on the YMCA Board, Whittier Assistance League, and Donated Dental Services and the Whittier Homelessness Coalition. Representing Supervisor Don Knabe was Steve Napolitano who presented Dr. Sudick with a special recognition for his long time community service. Dr. Sudick is joined by his wife, Dr. Komal Grover-Sudick (far right) .




Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri and Congresswoman Janice Hahn also honored him this year with a Whittier City Recognition and U.S. Congressional Recognition for his service to the Whittier Community. 


 Whittier YMCA Camp Arbolado Brings Joy to Children Campers and Adult Volunteers




Nestled in the San Bernadino Mountains off Highway 18 near Big Bear Lake is a little bit of heaven that brings joy to children campers and adult volunteers. Dr. John Sudick is a Greater Whittier YMCA supporter serving on the Board as well as their Camp Arbolado Camp Committee. Dr. Sudick enjoys a yearly work retreat in May replacing doors and door jams on cabins. This year he was joined by fellow board member Terri Bosnos. If you have children or are interested in volunteering, this year round camp is a treasure for our community.


Dr Sudick Voted

Best of the Best

 Dentist in Whittier 2016


Dr. John Sudick was voted Best of the Best Dentist in Whittier and recognized by the Whittier Chamber of Commerce and the City of Whittier for his great dental care and contributions to his community


Dr Sudick is voted Best of the Best Dentist in Whittier 2016 for the second year in a row. He is recognized by the Whittier Chamber of Commerce and the City of Whittier for his great dental care and service to his community. 



Dr. Sudick Donates Oral Health Kits for Special Olympics Team Sponsored by the City of Whittier and community. 










Dr. Sudick is joined by Whittier Special Olympic Committee member Ginny Ball (left), the City of Whittier Parks and Recreation Department, and one of our local Special Olympic athletes to receive 125 oral health kits for an international delegation from China sponsored by the City of Whittier and the community. In late July, the team from China arrived and was hosted in the Whittier Area while training at Whittier High School. The 2015 Special Olympics World Games was held in Los Angeles in August of 2015.


Dr. Sudick Voted

Best of the Best Dentist

in Whittier 2015

Dr. John Sudick recieved from the Whittier Chamber of Commerce the Best of The Best Dentist in Whittier voted by the people of Whittier and the surrounding area. He appreciates the community support for the work he does to help the community stay healthy.

Congratulations to Dr. Sudick for being voted Best Of The Best Dentist in Whittier for 2014-2015 by the people of Whittier through the Whittier Chamber of Commerce.


 Top Whittier Dentist, Dr. John K. Sudick,

Receives Hacienda La Puente Adult School 2014 Heroes Award

Dr. Sudick Recieves HLPAS 2014 Heroes Award from Heather Pasicznk, RDA, BVE, MS Dental Assisting Program Director

Local Whittier dentist Dr. John Sudick wasn’t sure to expect when he arrived at the Hacienda La Puente Adult School (HLPAS) on Thursday November 13th for a luncheon to honor volunteers for the adult education program. He has been volunteering for the HLPAS Dental Assisting Program for over 10 years in various capacities including teaching, consulting on the Board for the accredited dental assisting school, placement for dental assisting externships, and providing dental services for the San Gabriel Foundation for Dental Health at the school’s clinic. The walls were adorned with super heroes from various DC Comics including Superman and Captain America. The chairbacks at each table had various super heroe capes attached, and large life size cut outs were at the side front of the room for photos. It was over the top to honor twelve volunteers from the various Career and Technical Education Programs at HLPAS. The gourmet food prepared by the HLPAS Culinary Arts students for the luncheon included smoked beef brisket, shrimp, mash potatoes, rice pilaf, various salads, and fruits and wonderful desserts. Dr. Sudick enjoyed the fresh fruit tart while seated with his sponsor, Heather Pasicznyk, RDA, BVE, MS , the Dental Assisting Program Director.


LEARN MORE: about the accredited one year long Dental Assisting Program or other career education opportunities. GO TO .


Dr. Sudick Celebrates Annetta Stigenstam's 100th Birthday

Dr Sudick celebrates Annetta Stigenstam's 100th Birthday


Today, my friend Annetta and I celebrated her 100 birthday by lunching at Crepe's and Grapes Cafe in Uptown Whittier. It was delightful. To our surprise, my wife, Pany, was celebrating her birthday with a friend, Cathy, at the next table. Annetta and I learned that we both had worked for Sears in the Division 30 Paint and Electrical Dept at the same time (1977-78) but she was at the Los Angeles Store (28 years) and I was in Santa Fe Springs. A few years earlier (1976) Her daughter and I worked for Hinshaws Dept. Store also at the same time but I was in the Bargain Basement and she was in Gift Wrap. Annetta still drives her shiney Toyota Camry during the day and is quite active at church. She has one daughter and several grandchildren, great grand children and great great grandchildren.

During lunch, our server, Gill, was attentive, charming, and took our order with a tablet device that was quite high tech. Annetta and I enjoyed a mouthwatering Tuna Tango panini sandwich with a hot cup of creamy yummy clam chowder. Annetta commented several times that she enjoyed the warm soft breadroll with a slightly crunchy outside and that this was the best tuna salad combination she had ever eaten; I agree. You have to try it! It is not everyday you get to lunch with someone who has experienced 100 years of history and never tried a crepe before. Gill made the selection for Annetta, and it was absolutely mouth watering. There was this wonderful rolled crepe that mushroomed up from the plate of whipcream fluff with buttery cinnamon sweet swirled around it. Yum. I have to say, they make the best crepes around. Annetta absolutely was in heaven. I suggested she take one to eat tonight and she had Jill make up a strawberry compote crepe with some chocolat swirled inside. With half her panini and a strawberry chocolat crepe to go, Annetta told me she was probably going to eat her second half of lunch for dinner tonight, early. Thanks Crepes and Grapes for a wonderful and memorable lunch for my century old friend and myself. 

John K. Sudick, DDS




 Each year Dr. Sudick donates 2000 toothbrushes and supplies to Whittier Assistance League for their Dental Puppet Show

Dr. Sudick is a big supporter of the Assistance League of Whittier. Since his first start in Whittier, he helped donate his time to do dental treatment for underpriviledge children. For over a decade he has donated 2-3000 toothbrushes each year for the Dental Puppet Show. This year, he donated 2000 Flip 3 minute timers along with 2000 toothbrushes that the Assistance League gives to first graders in the Whittier City Schools after they participate in the Dental Puppet show that teaches children about dental health, diet and eating right, as well as how to care for their teeth. The Assistance League also purchases toothpaste and floss that are included in the dental health packet. The Assistance League of Whittier are very grateful for Dr. Sudick's continued support of their dental program as well as their other philanthropic endeavors including the Whittier Trail-a-thon that raises money for the Whittier Trail project. If you would like to donate your time or funds to the Assistance League of Whittier, please go to their website at


Dr Sudick donating toothbrushes to Assistance League




Dr. Sudick is supporting Buddy Walk Orange County for Down Syndrome  Society Sunday November 4rth, 2012 at Anaheim Stadium.

"I am supporting a patient Helen Fuller and her granddaughter Maddie Fuller for the annual Buddy Walk Orange County at Anaheim Stadium, Sunday November  4rth at 10 am. This event supports the National Down Syndrome Society to aid those families with down syndrome children. The photo shows Helen with Maddie at last year's event. You too can support Maddie and Helen in their fund raiser by downloading form (last year's form is ok to use)  and making a contribution. You can also send a check to Dr. Sudick made out to "Down Syndrome Association" and put "Team Maddie" in the memo.  Dr. Sudick also supports the Special Olympics and local WAPADH, which helps his sister Laurie who is mentally disabled."











Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Your local Whitter dentist, Dr. John Sudick helped to bring new computer technology into the classroom for 75 deaf children at Oralingua School. Last December 2010 when his patient, Krista Santanna, a teacher of hearing impaired children at Oralingua School, told him about the plight of broken computers in their classrooms, Dr. Sudick took up the task of making his community aware of this worthwhile project. He committed $100 for every $600 raised for the 12 computers that were needed. His own patients as well as private donors in Whittier, local businesses with the Whittier Chamber of Commerce, and the Whittier Host Lions donated nearly $7,200.00 for the purchase of new computers this summer. In addition to the fund drive, Edison International, donated 10 computers for a computer lab so students can have hands on computer experience. “Our fund drive got a real boost when The Whittier Daily News ran a photo and news story about our effort last February 2011,” said Dr. John Sudick, a Whittier family dentist celebrating 28 years in practice in Uptown Whittier. To make good on his offer, Dr. Sudick joined students at Oralingua School in Uptown Whittier to present a check for $1,200.00 to teacher Krista Santanna, and development coordinator Tracie Cargill at their first annual carnival on Friday June 17, 2011. This marks the end of their normal school year where they celebrate their accomplishments for the year and have many great events including face painting, races, Afton The Clown, food, and fun. Oralingua School was a unique school that worked to teach children from a very young age to “hear” with a cochlear implant, learn techniques for guiding them in their education so by elementary school, the children can mainstream and integrate into the public schools or regular schools where they can be successful and be ready for college or career training.

 Dr. Sudick joined students and teachers at Oralingua School for hearing impaired children in Uptown Whittier to present a check for $1,200.00 for computers to teacher Krista Santanna (right) , and development coordinator Tracie Cargill (middle) at their annual carnival on Friday June 17th.       Dr. Sudick joins class at Oralingua School.

I was excited that I could be part of this project that brought  the knowledge base of the internet, video, and  learning opportunities to enrich the lives of children that do not have the full benefit of hearing and sound like you and me. This relatively small cost helped pay big dividends by giving the teachers and students the tools they’ll need to succeed. We helped with the acquisition of computers, updating school software, and server upgrades. John Vertullo, a friend and computer expert volunteered his time along with myself to complete the upgrade. John installed a new server after months of testing various software the school used to be sure the old software would work in the new system.

Yours in God's Work and the Communitys' Interest,

John K. Sudick, D.D.S.