Patient Testimonials


I will definitely be returning to this dental office. Dr. Sudick and his wonderful staff are so friendly and professional. I have already recommended this office to family and friends as they made me feel comfortable, safe, and cared about.


The entire staff is great!! very professional, yet very friendly.


Very pleasant visit and very thorough.


I have had Dr Sudick and staff care for my dental needs for more than 20 years! I am happy to say they are excellent and caring! My dental health is in excellent condition due to Dr Sudick’s Care! Dianne H




I am very happy with the service I receive at Dr. Sudick's office. Every visit is more like a visit to a friend's home. I consider the Doctor and his staff as friends.


Fantastic Dental facility


Literally everyone is friendly! They really go above and beyond with regard to customer service. Dr. Sudick is super knowledgeable; he actually takes the time to explain things in a way you can understand. They have state of the art technology. If you have a dental issue, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


A+ all the way!!!


As always, office visit was high quality


Immediately I was greeted into a caring dentist office family. I was accessed by Dr. Sudick and was given a detailed plan of treatment for my dental issues. I thank you for all the warnings for any procedures regarding pain. I no longer dread dentist visits thanks to you guys and I have noticed a difference in my oral health!


Thank you, Michelle, for referring me.


Cheryl does an awesome job cleaning my teeth!


Dr. Sudick is honestly the BEST dentist I have ever had. Since day one he listened to my fears that brought me to his dental care & he truthful made me feel comfortable and at ease, because he cares about his patients’ feelings & wholeheartedly wants them to feel good & know that they will be well taken care of. ALL the staff there are great & I mean ALL! I really do appreciate Dr. Sudick & his staff.


I’ve never had a dentist that genuinely seemed to care about my needs and take the time to really examine my teeth as this one. Most dentists don’t pay as close attention as John Sudick, and I’m so happy I found his office!


Perfect highest quality professional service


Everyone in this office is utterly professional, and successfully deliver very high-quality health care.


Very professional, John is the best dentist I’ve been to. He cares about your health and the health your teeth Never had a problem or had to go back on the work he has done. Highly recommend John Sudick.


Always a pleasure to be greeted by Lori, teeth cleaning was efficient and thorough, checkup fine, as usual satisfied with my experience.


I have been very satisfied with this practice since I first became a patient here.


Terrific, as always!


I always look forward to going in for my cleanings, it is always a pleasure.


I have been going to see Dr. Sudick for 30 years and I have always been satisfied with the service that I receive via his office. Dr. Sudick is kind, patient and explains procedures clearly. I would have no problem with recommending him to others.




Thank you for everything. Looking forward to x-rays in November.


 I am very happy with the dentist, staff and facility.


Everyone made it an enjoyable experience, friendly and hospitality is excellent.


Great service, very personalized!


 Everything is great-the way it should be.


 You're the Best!


 I have been going to Dr. Sudick for so many years. I have love the Dr. Sudick and his staff. The staff is always very friendly and make you feel welcomed. The service is great!


I have been a patient of Dr. Sudick for a great number of years. thanks to him, my teeth are in very good condition. He ia a true artisan when it comes to repairing the damage I did to my front teeth in a fall sevaral months ago. I trust him completely and intend to stay with him for as long as he is still practicing.. the whole staff has become my very good friends.


Dr. Sudick and his staff are the best!!! I was in search of a good Dentist and I’m glad we found Dr. Sudick. He really cares about your oral health.


I have spent many years being terrified of dentists. Not so with Dr. Sudick. He is the best dentist I have ever had. He is thorough, efficient and awesome. He always has the time to treat you like a person and explain what he needs to do and what you need to do. His office staff is wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Sudick to anyone.


Excellent service & care.


Go, visit the dentist.


Every time I have an appointment I am greeted by a friendly and efficient staff. The hygienists have always had a wonderful manner about them and are calm and professional. John is the best dentist around, hands down. Our entire family is under his care. One daughter drives from Murrieta for her appointments.


Exceptional from start to finish.


I always have a positive experience at Dr. Sudick's dental office. Everyone in the office is professional and friendly.




In my many visits to this office I have been treated with a courteous and understanding staff. Dr. Sudick is easy going and takes time to explain all details of the service provided.


John Sudick has been our family dentist for over 25 years and we would drive any distance to have him and his staff take care of our dentistry needs. We moved from Whitter to Chino 4 years ago and would not consider going anywhere else. His staff is friendly, professional, and caring. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sudick to anyone looking for a great dentist.


Very encouraging and comforting.


I would highly recommend Dr. Sudick office.


Best dental office in Whittier-California-USA-THE WORLD!


This was my first visit and I was very pleased. The Dentist and his staff are friendly and extremely helpful. I was thoroughly examined and given different options for my dental problem and I am very please with the outcome. I will be back and will also recommend this office to my friends and family.


Helpful, friendly, very understanding....


Superb professional service


Excellent staff and excellent dental care.


This is a great environment. Excellent dental work all the time. This is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had.


The new hygienist was so gentle and made getting my teeth painless and free of anxiety! Dr. Sudick knows his stuff and I’m always confident in his work and recommendations. And, Lori really goes above and beyond with scheduling me. I so appreciate her check ins. I am so grateful to have found all of you!


Cery thorough and comprensive.

Marianne & Denny Litten

What a great website. We think of you often and the wonderful care we received now many years ago. We are well and thankfully have the same dental care here in Oakhurst that we were used to with Dr. John and his staff. Thank you. God Bless you all...

Debbie Hays

Great website!! I'm glad to be back.

Kirpa S.

Great Website, but then would expect nothing less from a great dentist. I am very proud of your work and what you do for the community. Thanks!

Pat McCaw

Hi Dr. Sudick,what a beautiful website, congratulations. Just want to say thank you for your continued support of the Dental Assisting program at Tri-Cities, ROP.

A Banuelos


Andrew L.

After avoiding the dentist for years I finally decided to take my oral hygiene seriously, and found Dr. Sudick through YELP. He is an excellent dentist and very thorough for your initial visit. You can tell he cares about his patients. Also, the staff is very welcoming and really works with your schedule to see Dr. Sudick. Lastly, Dr. Sudick works with an online service where you can check appointments, bills, etc.

Vince Freeman: Quality Assurance Director at WCIRB

Dr. Sudick is an extremely competent dentist who genuinely cares for the health and welfare of his patients. His staff is very professional and friendly and exhibit the same love and care for their customers. I must say, dental visits to his office are quite fun. Having known John for nearly 30 years, I must say he is the best family dentist in the area.

Cindy P.

Review on Yelp: "from entrance to exit this man was amazingly sweet.. I usually need Valium or Ativan for the anxiety I suffer from going in for dental procedures .. today I went in for a tooth extraction and as I started panicking he totally talked me down .. he was sincere and genuine .. I really appreciated his professionalism and calm demeanor .. I didn't need sedation after all .. he numbed the area pulled the tooth and that was it .. I am for ever grateful to him and his staff for accommodating me so quickly ... God bless this office .. thank you for your help"

Anita H.

Dr Sudick is the kindest courteous dentist I have ever been to. He truly cares about his patients.

Sue C.

Unless you're a masochist, few people enjoy going to the dentist. But since dental hygiene should be a regular part of your health care, then Dr. John Sudick is the dentist of the century. My partner and I have been going to Dr. Sudick for the last 20 years and we have nothing but praise for him. He is professional, knowledgeable and personable. In fact, his whole staff is wonderful because Dr. Sudick has created the kind of office climate that encourages professionalism on all levels. We particularly commend Dr. Sudick for taking time with his patients and explaining procedures very thoroughly. My partner particularly has had dental problems, but thanks to his care, she has not had to have all of her teeth removed. In short, his care has provided both of us with excellent care. If you are looking for a dentist, then I strongly recommend Dr. John Sudick!

M. Crawford

I came to Dr. Sudick for a second opinion and he was very honest and informative. Let's just say that I have no plans to return to my original dentist. Dr. Sudick and his staff are very friendly and do a great job creating a comfortable atmosphere. Absolutely 5 stars!

Justin Barber

Dr. Sudick is the best! He is knowledgeable, professional, honest, and patient. His office has the latest technology for dental care. He goes way above and beyond what most dentists would do. He has spent a considerable amount of his personal time reviewing, researching, and consulting regarding my treatment plan. He truly does put patient care at the front of his business. Having Dr. Sudick as my dentist leaves me with the feeling everyone should have when it comes to ANY health care provider. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Sudick and his staff. Incredibly grateful to have found THE top-notch dentist!

Allen S.

I've been a patient of Dr. Sudick's for several years. I think that he has a sincere interest and ability to provide me with the highest possible quality of dental care.

Rhonda Mulherin

"I discovered Dr. Sudick when my 5-year old had a bad experience at another dentist. He came highly recommended by my son's classmate. Even though kids aren't his only patients, he could definitely specialize in them. Dr. Sudick was so amazing with our son. My husband and I also became patients. He uses the latest technology with his good old fashioned bedside manner. We feel we are in good hands with Dr. Sudick and we all take better care of our teeth than we did before we met him. Dr. Sudick is much more patient with kids( than our prior dentists). He is also more committed to educating his patients in preventative care than any others I've met."

Andrew T.

"First of all, I'm hard pressed to express how gratified I was by the royal treatment afforded my father last week. You and your boundless patience, Dr. Sudick's obvious care, the friendly techs, the warm atmosphere -- all added up to a really nice experience. THANKS!"

Kenneth Ko

"On the recommendation of my sister-in-law, I became a patient of Dr. Sudick. It was one of the best recommendations I’ve ever received. I have been a patient of Dr. Sudick for almost ten years and have nothing but the highest praise for him. His knowledge and expertise in the latest proceudures of dentistry, his friendly nature, and qualified staff, create an atmosphere of relaxation and certainty that, as a patient, you are in good hands. He and his staff deeply care for each patient on all levels, not just their teeth. I’ve had several procedures which included veneers to remove a gap, teeth whitening, placing a crown on a cracked tooth, and creating a mouth guard to address my teeth grinding. What I appreciate the most is Dr. Sudick’s attention to detail, especially his ability to lay out a plan, carry it our and perfect it along the way. This sets him apart from other doctors who employ a “one size fits all” approach and allows him to customize a treatment plan for each patient no matter how complex or extensive their case may be. He explains every step of the dental procedure, and the time and attention given is remarkable in this day and age. My wife and I gladly travel 45 minutes to see them. "

Martha Flores

Dr. Sudick's staff is very professional, very caring, and very relaxed. Dr Sudick is very caring and curtious. Ever since I was introduced to Dr. Sudick in 2000, it has been an amazing experience. He treats you like a family member and cares.

Joy Hoffman

Dr. Sudick is amazing. As a context, my partner HATES the dentist, as in, he would rather stick toothpicks in his eye. But after his first visit with Dr. Sudick he came home and said, "That wasn't bad at all!" For him, explaining a dentist visit like that was equivalent to scoring tickets to the Superbowl. He just NEVER described dentist visits like that. For him, that was actual excitement.

A few years later, my daughter had a cavity and was anxious about getting a Novocaine shot. Dr. Sudick is great with kids. He had her concentrating on something else so much that she HAD NO IDEA that she got the shot. She actually asked, "Aren't you going to give me a shot to numb my mouth?" Dr. Sudick told her, "I already did." She came home raving about Dr. Sudick. WHAT KID RAVES ABOUT THEIR DENTIST?

I have a son with autism and he is somewhat fidgety in the dentist chair. Dr. Sudick is so patient with him. He is also anxious about things in his mouth so Dr. Sudick's staff is intentional about explaining each process so he knows exactly what to expect. He had a cavity filled this year and was just fine.

Dr. Sudick is family and community oriented. He cares about each patient, knows them by name, asks about work, school, hobbies, and remembers every detail. He is also very supportive of community efforts and gives of his time and finances to local organizations.

I refer people to Dr. Sudick all the time. His office is conveniently located down the street from my office so I am able to walk to my appointments. I am always telling people at work they should have him as a dentist because he is both excellent at what he does and convenient to get to.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sudick, especially to those who fear dentists. He and his staff will calm your nerves and make the appointment as comfortable as possible.

Mike and Margo Mayfield

"Dr. Sudick 'inherited' me from Dr. Stratico, when he gave up his practice. I left confident that Dr. Stratico would choose a qualified and competent replacement for my family and me. I felt his judgment was justified the first time I met Dr. Sudick and his staff. John and his assistants have treated me with professional care and concern for the right choice in any treatment needed. I have felt confident in his judgment and advice for the options available for needed services. It has been a personal choice for my husband and I to continue seeing Dr. Sudick as insurance coverage has been less optimal choosing his services. We have agreed that it was in our best interest to continue with his program for maintaining a healthy and attractive oral maintenance. His staff is a mirror image of his own personable, caring, and family like relationship with his patients. I value our patient, dentist relationship as much as our friendship!"

Pauline Hiles

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sudick since 1998 and have been very pleased not only with the quality of his work but with the professionalism and courtesy of the entire staff. Recently I needed both front teeth crowned and expected quite a trying experience and wasn’t sure how the temporaries would work. (Halloween in May!) Dr. Sudick reassured me about the process and it went great! He made the temporaries so beautiful that I could have kept them. Now I have strong, natural looking, beautiful crowns that have greatly improved my smile. My husband is also now a patient of Dr. Sudick and I would recommend anyone I know who is looking for a good dentist to Dr. Sudick. There is no comparison with other dental offices! Dr. Sudick takes great pride in his work and in actually caring about the comfort of his patients."

Lester and Ruth Marshall

"Our experience with Dr. Sudick, our dentist, has found him friendly, sincere, competent, well trained, and thorough. All of our dealings with him have been very satisfactory. In our most recent dealings with a cancer diagnosis, his referrals and dental treatment follow-up have been excellent. He has shown a personal interest and caring which is greatly appreciated. We have always found the office a comfortable environment and each member of his staff has shown personal interest and completed their job with a caring attitude. We will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sudick and his staff. We have been fortunate to have had good dentistry in the past and are happy to say that Dr. Sudick is our dentist now."

The Benner Family

"There is not enough space provided here to fully describe our experience with Dr. Sudick and his staff. The short description is caring, thorough, professional, positive, upbeat, personal, and the best! Dr. Sudick has cared for my mom, wife, son, and myself for many, many years. As a dentist, John Sudick is second to none. As a person, he is very caring and interested in each and every patient. While he was diagnosing a tooth-grinding problem I was having, he asked how things were with my family. He was trying to determine if the problem was stress related. There was no invasion of private feelings, just interest in solving the problem. John Sudick has learned my strengths and weaknesses. His chair-side manner is soothing, comforting, and puts me at ease in situations where I could be anxious. His staff is the best. Lori at the desk is always on top of things and is so friendly. His dental hygienists, especially Chris, care for us in a very professional manner. They all get to know us and treat us like we are the most important patients, because at the times we are in the their office and chair, we are! If I moved 100 miles away from Dr. Sudick, I would make the drive past all dentists I have had in the past to sit in Dr. Sudick's chair."

Robert Smolin

"I've been a patient for over 25 years and I'm very satisfied with the quality of service provided. Dr. Sudick is a very competent dentist and a caring person as well. His staff is all friendly, helpful and efficient. I am comfortable recommending Dr. Sudick to other people (I already have). My experience with Dr. Sudick is much better that past experiences with other dental offices."

Ellie Bewley

"I have experienced Dr. Sudick to the professional in all aspects of his dental practice. He is caring and compassionate, current with his knowledge and practice of procedures, and an outstanding technician. All of his staff are highly competent, and procedures and visits are well organized and efficient. He deals with the patient as a whole person and does not just concern himself with your teeth. The comfort of his patient is always at the forefront of his thoughts and actions. Dr. Sudick is readily available and is infinitely more professional than most care providers."

Billie McNabb Miller

"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Sudick since 1990 when he assumed Dr. Stratico's practice. I have great confidence in his ability. He keeps my smile beautiful! He has created a high tech working environment. His staff is delightful and well trained. I admire Dr. Sudick also because he gives generous amounts of time to local charities. I wish him well."

Norma Pesqueria, Whittier

“Dr. Sudick is the best thing that’s happened to my teeth in a long time. He’s the consummate professional and has the softest touch. Both he and his staff are wonderful and they make all my visits stress free and extremely pleasant. Thanks Dr. Sudick, from a grateful patient!”